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Galentine’s Day is for the girls, and this year, don’t wait around for a text back or a bouquet of flowers that may (or may not) arrive. Step into your own power and pamper yourself, because self-love is sexy! In 2023, we’re celebrating ourselves, prioritizing our own well-being, and taking power over our happiness. What better way to practice what we preach than supporting  a brand that is truly created by women, and for women? Meet Kamari Swim, the brainchild of model and designer Madison Martina, that embodies the best of being a confident, classy, and empowered woman – because this is the energy we’re welcoming on Valentine’s Day, and on every day!

Beloved by celebrities ranging from Alexis Ren to Alix Earle, Kamari Swim is a universally flattering collection of unique and bold pieces that are the perfect gift to your girlfriends and to yourself this year. Whether you’re doing a girl’s trip or setting the standard for how you deserve to feel all year long, Kamari is the key to unlocking your most confident and empowered self in swimwear.

Get the scoop on all things Kamari from the founder herself, and shop the swoon-worthy site while it’s hot!



Tell us about Kamari and what made you want to start a swim brand!

As a professional model, I’ve been on countless sets where things don’t fit right, and it can be uncomfortable and unfortunate to be in that situation, and feel like it’s something I’m doing wrong. I wanted to make a meaningful difference in the industry, especially for swimwear models, by developing a universally flattering collection where the fabric and material is truly for everyBODY, and Kamari was born! My desire to empower women through swimwear really expands beyond the modeling industry. Kamari customers are everyday girls who want to look and feel their best selves when they’re rocking swimwear. It can be vulnerable for girls to show off our bodies, and my goal is for every woman wearing Kamari to always feel so proud and excited to show off her beautiful body exactly how it is.

How do you think the body positive movement has evolved and how has that translated into the swim industry?

The body positivity movement has made significant strides, especially thanks to social media, where influencers and creators of all sizes have an equal opportunity to connect with audiences, grow their platform, speak their truth, and instigate change. Women like Remi Bader have really been on the forefront of this. I’m hopeful that this momentum will continue to affect really important changes in the swim industry as well. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit has also done such a beautiful job at highlighting women of all body types, backgrounds, ethnicities and with different stories, supporting the belief I share that every body is a bikini body. SI Swimsuit is really a vital part of this conversation.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, which means love is in the air, and we have to know – how do you practice self-love?

I love practicing self-love by focusing on wellness – drinking lemon water, spending time in the sauna, working out, reading, vacationing, relaxing with my pup, and surrounding myself with friends and family who uplift me and make me feel my best self. I work very hard in my career, and I equally value time to rejuvenate and re-energize. Valentine’s Day especially helps us celebrate all aspects of love, and I feel like there is so much love in my life that makes me a happier person both inside and out.



What makes Kamari the perfect go-to gift for your besties on Galentine’s Day?

Kamari pieces are truly universal and wearable all year long, and they’re made to be worn making the best memories with your girlfriends. Whether you’re vacationing in Europe or living it up at Coachella, on a Bachelorette trip or putting together an outfit that will take you right from the beach to dinner in Miami, Kamari is for everyone, no matter what the sun-spired occasion. I designed these pieces with my girlfriends in mind, knowing that there’s no better experience than looking your best, and feeling your best, when you’re enjoying life with your people by your side. Affordable, chic, flattering for all body types, and girly at heart all describe Kamari!

What pieces do you love the most for the perfect Valentine’s Day ensemble?

Definitely anything pink! Our Capri Mesh Sarong and Top set is such a fun two-piece outfit that you can easily throw over a Capri Triangle swimsuit during a Valentine’s Day dip in the hot tub, or it can be worn alone for a sexy yet playful and sweet diner outfit. I also adore our Poppy Asymmetrical One Piece – the shape hugs your curves in all the right places. This style is my go-to, and it makes me feel so confident. It’s a must for the ultimate day of love!

What makes you feel the most confident and sexy in your own skin?

I feel the most confident when I’m rocking a Kamari bikini. I know first-hand how much passion and love went into creating these styles, and I feel so confident and empowered knowing other women will feel this way too by design. I love my body and I’m so proud of the skin I’m in, and I’m my best self when I’m hanging by the beach, happy and carefree, and continually inspired, while in Kamari of course!




What can we expect from Kamari in 2023?

More colors, different fabrics, and a variety of new cutouts and designs. I am SO excited for Kamari’s 2023 era!

What swim trends do you think we’ll see most in 2023?

Right colors, more cutouts and unique shapes, prints and sets! Summer 2023 will be coming in hot.

What’s your advice to other entrepreneurs breaking into the fashion industry?

Really find out what your competitive edge is. What makes you different? Who is your audience, and why are you the obvious choice for them to shop? Really know your brand inside and out, and know what sets you apart. Also, fashion seems very glamorous from the outside, but you need to be willing to put in work, make mistakes, ask questions, learn, dare to be creative, challenge yourself to deliver the best work, and invest in yourself, because beautiful results will find you!

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