by Founder and Creative Director, Madison Martina  

Growing up in Florida, I practically lived in a swimsuit which started my love of fashion and swimwear at an early age. I loved styling my Bratz dolls, but their tiny, limited wardrobes did not have many options for swimwear. What was a young, aspiring fashion designer to do? I grabbed paper, tape, and scissors to fashion my own swimsuit creations for them — and never looked back.

I later took sewing classes and found working with fabric was much more challenging than creating paper and tape designs for my dolls. Although I had a lot to learn, my passion for creative clothing design expanded as I drew colorful, funky designs and built an inspiring portfolio.

Following college graduation, I made the cross-country move to my favorite city, Los Angeles, to focus on modeling and my intense interest in fashion. As a model, I was shooting for a swim brand and could not shake the feeling that I did not feel comfortable in their swimwear. Like many of my friends and possibly many of you, I rarely felt great in a swimsuit. 

This was my “Aha!” moment that lit the spark for Kamari. 

Why wasn’t there a line of swimwear that other women and I could wear with confidence and feel sexy? Why do we try to fit ourselves into swimsuits rather than look for swimsuits that fit us? This was my opportunity to create innovative and flattering designs that allowed easy movement. I wanted to design liveable swimwear so women could sunbathe, swim, and socialize without worrying if their swimsuits were unflattering. Just as our bodies typically change throughout the day, our swimwear should change with us and move easily. Women deserve to feel amazing, not uncomfortable. 

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, I was always interested in starting my own business. Encouraged by my parents, who taught me that value and creativity come first, I pursued my dream and launched Kamari. Women should feel excited to put on their swimsuits – Kamari’s goal is to help women feel empowered and confident. 

This collection represents being happy in your own skin.  Pieces of my personality and those I love are reflected in bright colors and bold tropical patterns. My dream is for anyone wearing Kamari to see a part of themselves in the collections. Feeling confident and empowered in one’s own body is the core of Kamari’s mission.

In support of that mission ten percent of all Kamari sales will go to Best Buddies, an organization near to my heart. In High school and College Best Buddies taught me about inner beauty and confidence - to love every part of yourself, especially what makes you different. 

Kamari Swim has been a long time in the making and is finally here. I hope you love every design as much as I do.