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Article: Dive Into a Summer of Self- Love With Designer and Model Madison Martina’s Swim Brand Kamari

Dive Into a Summer of Self- Love With Designer and Model Madison Martina’s Swim Brand Kamari

Dive Into a Summer of Self- Love With Designer and Model Madison Martina’s Swim Brand Kamari

Entrepreneur, model and creative director, Madison Martina has taken the world by storm with her global swimwear brand, Kamari. As a Florida native, Madison basically lived in swimwear growing up. However, she struggled to find the perfect suit that enabled confidence and allowed for easy movement. Taking matters into her own hands, Madison built Kamari.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Madison was always interested in starting her own business. Encouraged by her parents, who taught her value and creativity come first, she pursued her dreams and created Kamari Swim to create sexy, confidence-boosting, liveable swimwear, innovatively designed to mold comfortably to the body and allow for easy movement for all women.

Kamari Swim is a direct reflection of Martina’s personal journey in her own health and wellness, and she hopes to use her brand to inspire and create a culture for women that emphasizes swimwear that compliments women of all shapes and makes them feel equally beautiful and confident.

It's summer in South Africa! What is your favorite part about this time of year?

My favorite part about summer is the warm weather and being able to take a break from work and see new parts of the world. I love to travel and hope to travel to South Africa very soon.

Everybody is a bikini body, a concept that you've really cast a light on in a creative way through Kamari. Who is the Kamari customer?

A Kamari customer is someone who isn’t afraid to be bold and wear unique things. I really love experimenting with new unique styles when it comes to swim. The Kamari customer also likes to have fun and feel good in their body, no matter what shape.

Who did you design the swimsuits for, and what do you want women to feel and experience when they wear Kamari?

I designed Kamari swimsuits for everyBODY. I want any shape and size to make the person who wears it feel beautiful, confident and sexy - especially when it comes to wearing swimwear. As someone who grew up near the water in Florida I was always in a bikini. And because of the environment I grew up in, as well as being a model I know how hard it is to find comfortable bikinis to wear and equally feel confident in them too. The high standards i have in creating each Kamari piece is something I really pride myself on. The process of selecting textures, fabrics and designs does take a bit longer but it’s so it can be comfortable, chic and form fitting to everyone!

As we head into Valentine's day, can you share your key to confidence? How do you practice self-love?

I feel most confident in a bikini or lingerie. Something about showing off your body in sexy ways there’s no more empowering feeling. I feel most confident when I am my best self. Happy, kind, healthy, a good friend, a good person. I feel most confident when I am taking care of myself first. I also feel most confident in a bikini or lingerie. Something about showing off your body in a slightly revealing but tasteful way is so empowering for me. It makes me feel good.

What are some ways you love relaxing and practicing wellness and self-care?

I think nature and reflection are two important factors when it comes to wellness and self-care. I think it’s important to wake up early before everyone else is awake. That way you can have time to yourself and have a mellow moment or meditation before starting each day. I love to wake-up and put on my robe (I’m loving my silk Meadow Moment robe right now) and drink my lemon water first. I also just love to be outside and in the sunshine as much as possible. I also try to workout outside, or even lay out for 30 minutes for vitamin D. I am not a professional but I do know nature can be so healing for the human body. It balances me and rejuvenates me so much. I think sometimes we can forget how important it is when it comes to our overall wellness, but I try to incorporate it in my daily routine as much as I can.

As a model always traveling for work, how do you prioritize wellness and stay healthy on the go?

I try to find gyms or workout classes nearby. Working out in the morning or after work is definitely always a priority and what keeps me sane. I try and keep it simple and at least move my body once a day whether it be walking or taking the stairs. Sometimes you can’t fit in a workout and that is ok. In addition, I try to eat healthy but also not deprive myself either. However I’ve noticed the healthier I eat and the more I prioritize my health and personal wellness, the better I am in every aspect of my life - as a friend, daughter, model, CEO or person.

What are your favourite ways to workout and stay fit?

If I’m at home in LA, I love personal training at Dogpound or hot Pilates at Heated Room. But if I am traveling I use Class Pass and will take classes from there, which is also great.

What's your advice to women who may be struggling with confidence or body positivity, especially during the summer months?

I cannot speak for everyone, however for me, it all starts with what I’m feeding my mind. I will write down the reasons why I feel the way I do, and then do a quick mental audit of the people I am surrounding myself with, the accounts I follow on social media, etc. I know during the summer it can be really easy to compare yourself to others but I like to remind myself that we all look different and are unique in our own ways. We are all beautiful and embrace the body we have been given. I know it’s easier said then done but make sure you are kind to yourself and tell yourself good things. The more you repeat good thoughts and beliefs to yourself the more you will begin to believe them.

What are your favorite skincare hacks for summer?

Two things. Water and working out. Those are the hacks! And together they bring a glow like no other..

But I may include a few products to help me out, every now and again. ;) One of my first favorites is Soma Ayurvedic Vitamin C serum. I love putting it on my face right out of the shower after swimming in the pool or a day at the beach. Second, is Sugergoop Glowscreen Tinted Moisturizer. After I apply tinted moisturizer I use Kylie Cosmetics Feeling Neutral Lip & Cheek Glow Balm or Jouer Blush & Bloom Cheek + Lip Duo. You cannot go wrong with either. They add a perfect sun kissed glow to your cheeks and natural pink to the lip that looks undeniably glowy. And lastly to top it off, I use Summer Fridays Nourishing Lip Balm.

What's next for Kamari and what are your goals for the brand as it continues to flourish?

For 2023 Kamari will have new swimwear collections and hopefully venture into a new area or clothing. It is definitely going to be a year of growth and expansion and we are starting off strong with a new collection coming out by February 2023. Stay tuned!


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